is the hopeful title of Eva-Maria Raab’s series that she started during the Lockdown in
March 2020. She combines different subjects, whether from her neighborhood or from
past journeys with short poetic thoughts. The key image of this series is the picture entitled
“it’s beyond the visible”. Raab is based in a village just a stone’s throw from the Czech
Republic. In March the border was closed and even blocked with 3 huge blocks. With her
visual poetry Raab tries to capture our perception of these uncertain times – and make the
unseen visible.

Cyanotype on watercolor paper
28 x 38 cm (paper), 30 x 40 cm (handmade frame),
respirer l'inconnue (inhale the unknown)
exhibition view Photobastei Zurich, Switzerland, 2020
tu vois ce que tu veux voir (you see what you want to see)
like an unexpected choice
l'hiver au soleil (the winter in the sun)
la force de comprendre (the power of understanding)
it's beyond the visible
le tour de soi-même (the tour of yourself)
do you see the same?
la liberté de demain (the freedom of tomorrow)
exhibition view Photobastei Zurich, Switzerland, 2020
comme la verité d'un matin (like the truth of a morning)
and the sun shines through the night