sun selfies

During an artist residency in Örnsköldsvik (Sweden) Eva-Maria Raab created „cyanotypes“ – an old photographic printing process. A positive image can be produced by exposing it to a source of ultraviolet light (such as sunlight!) through a contact negative. She took various pictures of the sun and then let the sun itself create her picture of itself. These "sun selfies" catch the ephemeral phenomenon of light.

cyanotype on watercolor paper
45,5 X 65 cm or 30 x 40 cm
sun selfie n°1 **
sun selfie n°1 (detail)
sun selfie n°2
sun selfie n°3
exhibition view - Kunstfabrik Gross Siegharts
sun selfie n°4
sun selfie n°5
exhibition view, LIQUID LAND, 2022
sun selfie n°6