Eva-Maria Raab’s faceBOOK project refers to the social network platform ‘Facebook’ and investigates the visual codes of the default-profile-picture. When a user fails to upload their own profile-picture, there are two types of symbols available: the white silhouette of a generic male or female head surrounded by a light-blue background.
In 2011 Raab began the online-project YOUNIC that invited ‘Facebook’ participants from around the world to send an image of themselves in profile. Images were collected and transformed into personalized profile-pictures based on the visual codes of the ‘Facebook’ default-image.
This catalogue is a survey of 100 personalized-profile-images that were collected between 2011 and 2012. They were often chosen as their new profile-picture by many ‘Facebook’ users. Transfered from the virtual realm to the tactile pages of the faceBOOK, this document is a physical and archival record that combines individual and collective modes of representation. Working with the basic visual codes of representation used by ‘Facebook’, this project attempts to hybridize the homologized symbol of a person with the distinguished features of an individual.

online / book
22 x 15,5 x 3 cm each, 212 pages, hardcover, edition of 100 books
all handsigned and numberd, 2012