sea prints

cyanotype on water color paper
with traces of sea water
36 x 48 cm

unique prints

With her sea prints Eva-Maria Raab creates prints that are both pictures and depictions at the same time. In 2017 she applied the cyanotype-technique to create prints using the nocturnal movements of the Upper Adriatic Sea. These images were then merged with photographs of the same waves that had produced the initial image. To achieve this, she first let the seawater splash onto light and liquid sensitive paper to produce permanent traces of the waves beneath her. For the second stage in the process, she exposed the same paper to the sun having added a photographic negative of the water itself. Raab’s sea prints capture an intangible fleeting moment in time - converting nature into visual poetry.

the series is currently show at the AnzenbergerGallery in Vienna. Please feel free to have a look at their website!
sea print n1
sea print n2
sea print n3
sea print n4
sea print n5
sea print n6