now / How long is now?

The duration of pronouncing „now“ varies in different languages. Computer generated sonograms are the visual representation of the spectrum of frequencies in a sound. Vocals and consonants are made visible by this way. In the series „now“ I operated with this technique in order to keep hold of „now“. Using silkscreen prints on heavy paper, this very short moment obtains materiality. The movement of the scraper during the printing process evokes the cursor going from the left to the right in digital sound editing programs.

How long is now?
Video, 31 sec, 2014

silkscreen-print on paper
42 x 59,50 cm
edition 20
detail of "now"
exhibition view at NOE DOK, 2014
jetzt (german)
maintenant (french)
现在 (chinese)
şimdi (turkish)
сейча́с (russian)
adesso (italian)
exhibition view, Brunnhofer Gallery, Linz, 2018