Ein Versuch, die Webcam auszutricksen oder virtuelles Sehen /
An attempt to outsmart the webcam or virtual seeing

… is an attempt to explore « skype » software in depth, and video telephoning on the internet in general, and examine its current perceived-of necessity. Despite the impressive illusion of proximity created, it is not possible to look the person we are communicating with in the eyes. We either look into the webcam and we do not see our interlocutor, who, however, feels as if they are being looked at; or we look at the image of them projected onto the screen. We see them but they do not have the feeling that they are being looked at.
Following on from these thoughts, my videos show two people attempting to look each other in the eyes during a video call. An attempt that is destined to fail. The four eyes seek each other out, searching constantly, either looking at each other on the screen or through the webcam.

2 Video-projections (DVDs), 2 min 06 sec each, 2009

exhibition view, Galerie Gauche, ENSBA Paris, 2009
exhibition view Fotoforum Braunau, 2015