soft rebellion

Photo booths found in underground stations and shopping complexes, provide the public fast and economical ways of attaining passport photographs according to European standards. By imitating examples of "erroneous" passport photographs commonly posted on the interior of photo-booths, soft rebellion puts into question the "do it yourself" culture of standardization.

color photography, inkjet-print
15 x 10 cm each, 2011
Haare im Gesicht / hair across eyes
Haare im Gesicht / hair across eyes
Kopfneigung / head tilted
Gesicht verdeckt / face covered
Spiegelung / reflections on glasses
Halbprofil / portrait style
Brille verdeckt Augen / glasses cover eyes
Blick zur Seite / looking away
Brillengläser zu dunkel / glasses too dark
Mit Hut / wearing a hat
Mund offen / mouth open
Geschlossene Augen / eyes closed